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Accommodating need special student

Cerebral palsy is a condition caused by damage to the brain which affects muscle control and coordination.Cerebral palsy, often referred to simply as CP, can range from mild to severe and often affects a child’s intellect, learning, speech, and vision.It is not a disease and cannot be passed on to other students.It is also not progressive so that it does not get worse.With the current trend of inclusion, namely placing special education students in regular classes, teachers often find they are instructing students with problems for which they have little training or preparation.

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Create an orderly, organized classroom with an easily understood routine so that the students, especially those with an emotional impairment, have less opportunity to feel discombobulated or irritated.As the parent knows his/her child best, creating a positive, working relationship with the parents will allow for better understanding of the student, his/her potential out lashes in class, and his/her individual needs.Implementing the use of a “sharing chair” and a quiet corner may be useful in a classroom with a student with emotional impairments.In working with students with autism in particular, they may become quickly frustrated as a result.Be sure to accommodate for this through various teaching techniques and activities.Help students prioritize their work and/or create to-do lists for the students Reduce visual distractions throughout the room so that students remain focused on the material being presented.This is vital to the success of the student, especially if he/she is prone to distractions.Dates and times will likely grow confusing, especially without any significant differentiation between less important events; ensure that the student feels engaged in the activities so as to not lose focus.Additionally, it might be helpful to provide the student with a written timeline for each unit so that he/she may reference it throughout the class.Therefore, it is important to vary and/or differentiate instruction to meet the needs as well as spark the interest of all students, especially those that struggle with ADHDAccording to the revised Administrative Rules for the State of Michigan, autism is defined as “a lifelong developmental disability that adversely affects a student’s educational performance” in one or more of the following performance areas: academic, behavioral, and social.Because students with autism are both easily amused and easily distracted, it is important that they be taught through interactive means in order to ensure that they stay engaged, especially with history curriculum Always consider differentiating the instruction for history curriculum, as the material is often considered “dry” and difficult to understand for those that think in a variety of ways.


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