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Who do you think is having better sex -- Americans or Egyptians? [Laughs.] Believe it or not, I've been to several countries for various conferences and it's quite the same everywhere -- there are the same problems.

I don't think one group is having better sex than the other, but there is great individual variation.

It's a way to please each other in our world and to please Allah. It's an order to the man to give the woman the right to have pleasure -- it orders the man to give the woman foreplay and also to get the wife to have sex repeatedly and to not wait for the woman to ask because sometimes she's too shy to ask.

You've blamed Egypt's high divorce rate on "bad sex." But why is the country stricken with "bad sex"?

When I'm inside my own office, it's easier -- you don't have to watch what you say.

What kind of a response have you received to your show?

But, to much of the Muslim world, the 39-year-old -- who appears fresh-faced and prim, save her heavily kohl-lined eyes -- is considered a radical liberal.A balance has to be built: This is allowed, this is not allowed; this is halal, this is haram.Sex is one of the things that is forbidden before marriage and outside of marriage; on the other hand, it's allowed within marriage with a lot, a lot of freedom. In the American approach everything is allowed -- you can have sex at any age, on any occasion.All sorts of sexual queries are allowed, with one snag: Sexual relations outside of marriage are haram (prohibited by Islam) and not open to discussion.In fact, Kotb, a wife and mother of three, draws her sex advice directly from the Quran.It's a sin -- they're just like the alcoholics and the drug-takers. They were extremely obedient and followed my instructions for a whole nine months to one year.I'm also the reason for a lot of patients to have been cured -- so, no, I can't believe that it is natural. Now these patients are married to women, have kids and desire women even on the level of daydreams and night dreams.It's culture -- it's not Islam, whatsoever. It invites people to have sex, of course within the marital frame.Prophet Mohammed never showed any offense to anyone asking about sexuality.A lot of people didn't know that they could complain about sex.Why is sex such a controversial topic in the Muslim world?


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  2. Jun 06, 2007 · Sex and the married Muslim Sexpert to the Arab world Dr. Heba Kotb discusses female pleasure, halal sex and curing homosexuality.

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  6. Arabian sex tourism is not exclusive to India but also takes place in other poor countries. 4 This trade in persons is merely one dimension of a problem that prevails through Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states for another dimension, see "Saudis Import Slaves to America".

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