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The belief is that Jon Benet was hit in the head with an unknown object and knocked unconscious.Based on the swelling in her brain, she was strangled somewhere from 45 minutes to two hours afterwards.While the handwriting analyses were eventually deemed inconclusive the investigation did determine, however, that the ransom note was written with Patsy Ramsey’s pen on a piece of her stationery. Why would someone write a ransom note if they planned to kill Jon Benet, or she had already been killed?The ransom note has raised several questions, which still remain unanswered, all these years later. There are some pieces of circumstantial evidence that would seem to aim guilt at the Ramseys.It is hard to believe that it has already been 20 years since 6-year-old beauty pageant queen Jon Benet Ramsey was murdered in her Colorado home.To this day, many questions still swirl around the little girl’s death, and the case remains unsolved.The rope was also secured around one of her wrists.The autopsy report states that there were some abrasions, bruises, and scratches on her body, as well as signs of possible sexual assault.

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Patsy, in fact, submitted her handwriting for examination five different times.The autopsy report also explains there was an extensive area of hemorrhaging in the scalp which accompanied a large skull fracture.In 2015, Mark Beckner, the former Boulder County police chief who worked the Ramsey case, participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and revealed his interpretation of what happened.Her parents, John and Patsy, put her to bed, not knowing that it would be the last time they saw their little girl alive. It is thought that it was John Ramsey himself who found his daughter’s body in the basement of their home.The following morning, Patsy Ramsey went downstairs and claims to have found a ransom note declaring that Jon Benet had been taken and was being held captive. The Boulder County Coroner’s Office declared the cause of Jon Benet’s death to have been “asphyxia by strangulation associated with craniocerebral trauma.” Jon Benet’s body was found with a white cord or rope tied around her neck, with a stick (thought to have been a paintbrush) attached to it, garrote-style.Later, the family went to have Christmas dinner with friends. Police searched the Ramsey’s home, but found no evidence of a break-in, leading many people to believe the person who supposedly abducted Jon Benet had access to the house – or lived there.When the family returned home that evening, Jon Benet was already asleep. Later that day, the Ramseys and police would learn that Jon Benet had not, in fact, been abducted, but instead was murdered.Could a pedophile or a pervert have been infatuated with the little girl, and caused her demise?Others wonder if the Ramseys’ seeming lack of cooperation with and defensive attitude toward police is basically an admission of guilt.Interview transcripts and reports reveal that there were several individuals - police officers, neighbors, friends - at the house while the investigation was just getting underway.In addition, it is believed that when John Ramsey stumbled upon Jon Benet’s body in the basement, he saw that her mouth was covered with duct tape.


  1. Jun 4, 2007. 2007 at pm UPDATED September 22, 2016 at pm. Be still, your tabloid heart. Word comes from Fox News that John Ramsey, father of murdered Boulder. the mother of Natalee Holloway, the teen who is still missing in Aruba. Although Fox says John and Beth date, hold hands and kiss a lot.

  2. Jul 27, 2011. JonBenet Ramsey's father, John Ramsey, married fashion designer Jan Rousseaux, 53, at a private ceremony in Charlevoix, Michigan on July.

  3. Aug 16, 2017. Natalee Holloway, JonBenet Ramsey. such as the still-unsolved murders committed by the unidentified or. There is no such thing anymore as a story that only crops up around "anniversaries" or other milestone dates from the case. Until the Cold Justice team showed up in November 2016, that is.

  4. John Bennett Ramsey born December 7, 1943 is an American businessman, author, and. "developed a friendship of respect and admiration" out of common interests related to their children. Ramsey married his third wife, Jan Rousseaux, in 2011.

  5. Dec 8, 2017. He's the father of murdered beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey and she's the mother of missing Aruba teen Natalee Holloway. Together, the two.

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