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Ruggedized for permanent, all-weather installations and mobile, stop-and-scan operations, its low minimum detection velocity (MDV) detects slow-moving threats such as walkers and crawlers.

Long range, high resolution Perimeter surveillance Radar The FLIR Ranger® R5 is a ground-based radar, designed to withstand the rigors of a desert environment.

Multiple units can be installed with overlapping coverage areas to protect larger areas such as borders.All sensors on the Ranger HDC Multi Sensor units are mounted on a fast and accurate Pan & Tilt unit.Portable, Long Range Thermal Imager The Ranger HRC is a high-resolution mid-wave thermal imaging system built around a large format 640x512 array and a choice of powerful continuous-zoom telescopes.This ground-based radar works in virtually any climate, weather, or lighting condition, providing 24/7 security.Additional units — such as a short-range FLIR Ranger® R1 — can be networked in an overlapping array to protect larger areas, stitching together an impassable radar area outside and inside your perimeter.Long-Range, High Resolution Target Detection Radar The FLIR Ranger® R20SS is a ground and coastal surveillance radar specifically designed to detect and track personnel and vehicles within a 20-km range.With its solid-state electronic scanning capability and fast 2-Hz refresh rate, the Ranger R20SS delivers best-in-class target detection and acquisition performance.Long-Range Perimeter Surveillance Doppler Radar The Ranger R3D is a dual mode, ground surveillance radar designed to provide efficient, 24/7 persistent surveillance, both within and beyond the fence.Operating in the Ka-band, the Ranger R3D leverages the resolution and accuracy of advanced FMCW technology and the extended range and terrain adaptability of Doppler in a single, compact, and lightweight package.Available in its standalone, environmentally hardened enclosure, the system can also integrate an optional high-magnification CCD-TV camera, laser rangefinder, digital magnetic compass and gyro-stabilized pan/tilt mechanism for precise target geo-locating.Portable, Mid-Range, Pan/Tilt Multi-Sensor with Spotlight The Ranger MS Illuminator is a unique deterrence system that combines a daylight/low-light CCD camera with a high-power spotlight to detect, deter and immobilize intruders.


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  2. Please note that while the cameras stream live 24 hours a day, FONZ volunteer operators will only be following the pandas during regular business hours.

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