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Dataadapter update not updating database

We resulted to adding Primary Key columns to the tables in the database that did not have ones already rather than doingit on the dataset.

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With Microsoft data provider everything works fine except the speed of the application is slow. I followed all the steps of "building applications using oracle developer tools for VS .net" and I keep getting an error. My first guess, that you needed to define some sort of key information in the Data Set or Data Table, is confirmed by this link from the Oracle forums: If Table1 were the table you were trying to update, and primary_key_field were the name of the column on which the primary key was defined, you could try this: public bool Update() { // Make sure the database is connected to the database server if (m_Connection.m_Connection Personally, having seen the dreadful code that automatic generation uses, I decided never to use automatic SQL generation.

Then we decided to convert every connection with oracle data provider using Oracle. The following warnings occurred while generating the Oracle Data Adapter: Could not generate Update Command. message ID=1082770 Essentially, you did not load the data set in such a way that a primary key for your table(s) could be determined, and the dynamic SQL generation for updating your database depends on the Data Table(s) having primary keys defined upon them. To String()) Dim i As Integer For i = 0 To col Arr. Write Line(col Arr(ig()) Next i End Sub Private Sub Set Primary Keys() ' Create a new Data Table and set two Data Column objects as primary keys. Nugs, Have you considered manually coding your Select, Insert, and Update Commands?

Since I started coding in grade 7 or so, I have worked with many programming languages and so far C# remains my favourite. First of all let’s create the database and a table in My SQL. You will notice that you can just type in the Data Grid View and it will dynamically add rows, delete rows, alter cell contents, etc.

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Fill(customers, "Customers") // Assumes that connection is a valid Sql Connection object. Customers", customer Connection); Ole Db Data Adapter ord Adapter = new Ole Db Data Adapter( "SELECT * FROM Orders", order Connection); Data Set customer Orders = new Data Set(); cust Adapter. Fill(customer Orders, "Orders"); Data Relation relation = customer Orders.

Any Help :) Thanks "The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years.

Perhaps a line like this needs to be added (where adptr is an instance of the Oracle Data Adapter: adptr. Add With Key In any case, you can read the data into a Data Table then define the primary key on that Data Table (these example functions are from the MSDN Library article on Data Table. Dim my Table As Data Table = new Data Table() Dim keys(2) As Data Column Dim my Column As Data Column ' Create column 1. cpkilekofp: I agree with you on the generated code, it is dreadfull.

are generic templates that are automatically filled with individual values from every modified row through the parameters mechanism.

For every column that you propagate to the data source on Update, a parameter should be added to the Insert Command, Update Command, or Delete Command.


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