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Dating coke bottles

This variation, when documented, can help us to date different deposits at archaeological sites. Here at Campus Archaeology, we occasionally come across Coke bottles in various forms.Depending on some particular characteristic of the bottle, we can give a general date to the materials found with that bottle.2005 The Company introduced an aluminium version of the contour bottle in 2005.

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While we all must do it, dating archaeological assemblages is not always easy.As such, competitors tried to take advantage of this brand by closely mimicking Coke branding strategies.In response, the Coca-Cola company had bottle manufacturers create a unique bottle type, one that had a distinct look and feel, which would forever be synonymous with the Coca-Cola brand: the contour (or hobbleskirt) bottle.This date was a coincidence, in that the publication was issued every Tuesday, and in 1923 Christmas Day fell on Tuesday.All contour bottles produced between late 19 carried the Christmas day patent imprint.25 December, 1923 The patent on the contour (also called the hobbleskirt) bottle was renewed for first time in 1923.This particular mould design for the bottle was patented in the U. Patent Office and released in the publication of that office, Official Gazette, on 25 December, 1923.1960 Did you know the idea of putting Company test-marketed an innovative contour can, inspired by the glass contour bottle.Though the contour can was not widely introduced, today’s aluminium contour bottles have taken that desire to differentiate our packaging one step further.Patented in 1915, the contour bottle went into production in 1916 and was subsequently sold all over the world (Coca-Cola 2011; Lockhart and Porter 2010).Since the beginning of their production, Coca-Cola contour bottles have changed very little, as this bottle served as the hallmark of the Coca-Cola brand.


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