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Dating people with children brad paisley online dating

But sometimes it's nice to be carefree and spontaneous too and with children they are the first priority(at least in my humble opinion) and their needs come first.

Many a plans have been trashed by some real or imagined emergency and that is what you expect when there are kids involved.

I have dated men woth children and without and there are pros for each scenario.

Not having any children of my own, I enjoy being around kids of all ages.

It just seems to me if I am looking for somebody whithout children I almost have to look outside of my age bracket, and that is just so wrong. I can imagine this happens to women too so I'd like to hear both sides.

OP I understand your strife - as it is difficult as you get older - 'cause chances are there are children involved - as well as ex's! It is natural that the older you get, the greater the percentage of people that have children.

it seems to me as I get older, mind you I'm only pushing 30, it seems to me that it is more and more difficult to meet women who do not already have children.

I've also explianed in my profile why I am not interested in dating a woman who has children already, it may sound selfish but it is the truth." I am not interested in a relationship with somebody who has children.

) What I DON'T like is the drama that inevitably ensues when dealing with the child's mother. The big dilemma for me is single women with kid(s) who're not entirely sure if they want anymore?

(I truly wish it wasn't this way but, it in past experiences, it always has been)Even if I do happen upon a guy without kids, he usually wants to have them at some point in the future. I've met plenty of women who don't have kids even in my thirties. I find that many women who don't have kids are real career oriented, which is why they haven't had children.

Kids are great, I have little cousins who I love to bits because they are adorable, but honestly people need to learn to wait. I didn't realize there was an age cap for being on the still "dating" scene.

I refuse to date women who have kids, it's excess baggage and at my age I just want to have as much fun with someone as possible without having to worry about a screaming little kid. Guitar Player45: Not some dead beat dad's kids ???????? I agree I do not want to be at my childs graduation in a wheelchair.


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