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There are different social codes on apps, but there are still social codes.

These come about naturally, through pushes and pulls in the user base, so creating a fictional dating service—as does “Hang the DJ”—is more about creating the social experience than the app itself.

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The repeated mantra that “everything happens for a reason” is the system reassuring me that it has a lot in common with my most hated Facebook friends.

Even if it can be exhausting, there are still gems of insight poking through the black and dusty coal.

The team behind Black Mirror (or, to keep in fiction, ‘Coach Dating’) have made an online equivalent of the button for you to try at home.

It works as such: you’ll click the button, get a code and be asked to send it to your significant other or whoever you like.

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The unmanned golf carts taking them to the next destination and the security guards standing watch, however, do not.Then, wrapped up all too neatly, there’s the ending and the twist.Often those two are switched because that’s how it makes sense.The impulse to speculate is higher here than it is all season because there’re so many strange and seemingly contradictory hints at the way the world works.At one point there’s a well-attended wedding, but no character ever seems to interact with anyone else besides the person the system sets them up with.The system is designed to give you your perfect match after a set amount of time learning about you.It’s designed to smooth out second guessing and regret, the inescapable side effects of thoughtful dating, with the promise of perfection at the end.That can be an excuse for a fling, a devastating life sentence, or a heartbreaking limitation.It’s sad when the couple, who hit it off, is only allowed 12 hours of each other’s company and have to go their separate ways on the tiny golf carts.Happy Valentines, by the way Valentines Day is among us and for any self-destructive types out there, the relationship button from Black Mirror’s ‘Hang The DJ’ episode is available to try online.The conceit of the episode from season four of Charlie Brooker’s not-so-distant dystopian show is that dating systems has progressed to a stage where a mysterious button will tell you how long you and your assigned partner will stay together.


  1. I enjoyed “Hang the DJ” a lot, although it sagged a little in the middle, like Black Mirror episodes tend to do. But the twist in the end turned a.

  2. Try Black Mirror's 'Hang the DJ' software in real life to call time on your. The team behind Black Mirror or, to keep in fiction, 'Coach Dating'.

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