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They cannot be removed easily without Anti-Junkware tools. This is found when you buy a new computer that's cluttered with malware to begin with.These can range from any piece of adware or other malware, often "potentially unwanted applications".It will then infect the machine and execute the payload. See also: Trojan Unlike other pieces of malware, trojans do not always have bad intentions.Trojans are programs that appear to be legitimate, but either have a major security flaw or are intentionally malicious. These types of malware is not that common nowadays. As you can see or infer from the name, ransomware will do things such as encrypting files, and will force you to pay money through online payment transactions for a decryption key, however this is not a good move as it could possibly be a "troll" or bait to fool you into giving away credit card info, and it also encourages the cyber-criminals to continue to do this.If the user pays this, they will be simply laughed at, as the program deletes itself [and the user would have paid at least ], or the ones who made the program will commit identity theft. Browser Hijackers are another common piece of adware, often these will install with Sponsored Downloads.They exploit the fact that very few people properly read installers, and often allow programs to set themselves as your homepage, default browser and default search.

Rogue software is phony software that uses malware and other exploits to get inside your computer.

Malware, a portmanteau of the two words malicious and software, is a piece of dangerous software that is designed to infiltrate and damage a computer system without the owner's informed consent. The expression is a general term used by computer professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code.

They can be combated by using antiviruses or other programs used to remove malware. All the malware out there has caused over hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage altogether.

See also: Virus Unlike worms, viruses do not spread.

The user may download the file mistaking it for another program from a domain or an email.


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