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SISTER SHIPS: My memories are of seeing her next to her big sister ship the SS United States (this is the ship I was on several times) and seeing her majestic beauty and then going to the website to see what happened to her makes me sick as I think this was carelessness by whomever was having her towed.She too could now be sitting next to her sister in Philadelphia still sitting with pride even though quite a bit older but sitting next to her bigger sister saying wow we made it.Each of the workers was given an opportunity to sign the jet, and soon the engine cowlings and belly were covered in black and silver missives.“It’s amazing to see it come home, after flying tens of millions of miles around the world,” Boeing’s 747 Program Manager Bruce Dickinson said after watching the jet land.As soon as our families had seen us off in fall-colored New York, the America had sailed straight into the teeth of a North Atlantic gale. the enormous liner would rise, and at the peak she’d teeter for a moment, then down…down…down…

“The shape of it is so unique; it’s instantly recognizable,” Boeing engineer Robert Fischer said on the ground in Everett, referring to the jet’s distinctive upper deck hump and swept, four-engined wing.

In the end, “it's not how technically advanced it is.

It's not how huge it is or how amazing it is that it gets off the ground,” said Dickinson.

TODAY IN THE SKY: One of the last airworthy Boeing 747-200s flies into retirement () Yet despite decades of success, the era of the 747 is coming to an end.

Airlines are dropping the “-400” model of the 747 like the one flown by Delta at a steady pace.


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