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Hare krishna dating website

Hare Krishna I am a member of ISCKON and regularly do seva at ISKCON centers in New York/New Jersey area and in Denver Colorado, as well as LA California. Looking for American Krishna devotee, age no bar... I love good conversation and I can carry conversation about broad range of topics.

I am looking for a female match who is a devotee of Lord in spirit. I am mainly looking for a Krishna conscious White/Caucasian lady.

Hopefully initiated already or looking to get initiated and interested in raising Krishna conscious children. It has to do with the Bhu-mandala discussion he was involved in and work on the Bhu-mandala map with Tamal Krishna Goswami, Yasodanandana dasa and Pushkar dasa. Bhakta looking for a Mata Ji devotee for KC relationship.

I am 53 year old bhakta born and currently living in Los Angeles who has practiced off and on since 2008.

We need to go deeper in our chanting to reap the fruits of chanting. A devotee faces many difficulties with a non devotee life partenr.

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I am 38 years old, East Indian looking for Krishna Conscious spouse in North America continent (that is where I am located). I believe in Spiritual bhakti of Krishna in balance with work, life, adventures, fun and helping others where possible. My name is Rana, living more than 26 years in Germany. Retired senior citizen, Vietnam veteran, musician seeking the association of a devotee to accompany me on a year-long pilgrimage of all the Hare Krishna temples & farm communities in the USA, maybe playing some gigs along the way at coffee shops or open mics (singer/acoustic guitarist, into bluegrass, classic rock, folk, gospel, pop), and possibly doing some bhajans in public parks. I'm currently fixing up an older 20' fully contained RV.

I'm 32 years old and looking to marry a devotee husband.

Somebody who loves chanting and regularly going to the temple. I would like to make contact with a disciple of Srila Prabhupada called Bhakti-prema, otherwise known as Prem Yogi.

I am looking for a like minded devotee who is practicing or not fully practicing and wishes to develop in a Krishna Conscious relationship. I was born in Vaishnav family and tried to follow Lord Krishna throughout my life. I am seeking a girl for marriage who should be a devotee or trying to be one. Preferably the girl should be from medical field but its not hard and fast. Hare Krishna I am an Initiated Vaishnava, originally from India and closely associated with ISKCON Sydney, Australia for the past few years.

I am looking for mutual compatibility and attraction. With Krishna's grace I have attained good education (Master's degree in the field of technology). If she is older no problem, but I wont marry any divorced girl. My age is 31, never married, height 5 feet 11 inches. Please contact me on my email id, [email protected] Mobile no. I am 28 years young, looking for a female match who is a devotee of Lord in spirit.


  1. I'm not a Krishna devotee by any stretch of the imganination nor do I chant anything expect when I pray which goes something like please help.

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