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The first counselor I met with was very nice and helped me build a strong CV.

I found a job, but it didn’t last because I wasn’t happy.

I believe the future of the Jewish community is in great hands and my time at Ometz has really solidified this belief. I met with Natalie Lang, an employment counselor, and she was fantastic.

She detailed the job search process and showed me exactly how to help myself, includi... I met with Natalie Lang, an employment counselor, and she was fantastic.

Mario, our teacher, is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

For this reason exactly, Ometz will continue to thrive and offer help to those in need.They are so dedicated to their clients and feel this immense need to help, which is why I can honestly say that I have never worked with such selfless and hardworking people before my time at Ometz.I learnt so much from the women I worked with and if I were to take just one lesson with me it would be to love the work you do and help people along the way.She was the career support system that I always needed and was not able to find elsewhere.I hope I won’t have to use Ometz again for my professional life but I am very eager to recommend their support to others.I could call Natalie or email her and she always responded.I also took French courses at Ometz in order to perfect my French.She was able to guide me towards the realization that I was meant to be in sales.I always thought that my outgoing personality could be a great asset for a position in sales, but Natalie made me realize that being in sales is so much more than making cold calls, and that I could truly be happy doing this type of work.I hated the idea that one day I may start to resent the children, so I knew I neede...I always thought I would have a lifelong career working with children, but the more I did it, the less I enjoyed it.


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