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A Kingfisher doctor has agreed to pay ,000 to settle allegations he violated a federal law by incorrectly dating patients' prescriptions, Oklahoma City federal prosecutors reported Thursday.James Brett Krablin said he "post-dated" prescriptions to prevent patients from refilling medications early.Kyle Schwab has been a reporter for The Oklahoman newspaper since 2013. He graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a major in journalism. The latest case involving the 62-year-old businessman is related to the leasing of aircraft by Mallya's now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines and aircraft leasing company BOC Aviation involving four planes, of which three were delivered.Mallya's defence team has deposed a series of expert witnesses to try and establish that the default by Kingfisher Airlines was the result of business failure within a wider context of a global financial crisis and that its owner had no "fraudulent" intentions.According to court documents submitted at the UK High Court last year, the claim brought by 13 Indian banks is expected to come up for a two-day hearing in the Queen's Bench Division of the commercial court in England's High Court of Justice some time after April 11."With the current opioid crisis, we are very, very strict in our refill policies.We do not allow early refills," Krablin told on Thursday.

“I told her I’ll return the cash after the government bails out dad. Pipe down love.” Meanwhile, his father Vijay Mallya has been hard at work to find ways to steer Kingfisher Airlines out of the red.

"When you sign that prescription, it has to be dated the day that you see the patient.

We were post-dating it by two, three, four days so it couldn't be filled early," Krablin said.

"There was nothing criminal about this case," Krablin said.

"There were no allegations of over prescribing, no allegations of any problems with record-keeping or amounts written." He said there was never any disciplinary or restrictive actions done against his practice or licenses to prescribe medications.


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