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Ekwensi said softly, placing her warm hand on Steve’s arm, “I agree that’s probably for the best.In a couple of hours we can open it so he won’t wake in a panic.”The medical doctor and Dr.Ekwensi left the room, Cristina stayed behind, watching Bucky sleep.“I hear you’ve taken quite an interest in him.” Steve thought about what Coulson had said to him back on the Quinjet in New York when he was fresh from the ice.It wasn’t as weird now as he heard this young woman speak.“I don’t know why, but he haunts me.

”“I know as much about him as anyone who can read would know, and yet I want to know more.

I had thought that maybe motivation, or inspiration, or whatever magic would reveal itself if I just spent enough time working the equation.

He slept, I watched the vitals indicator and told myself it was ok, he had been gently cared for.

”“I’ve been keeping out of trouble, for the most part, and you?

” “Keeping busy.” The king responded with his engaging smile.“I'm sure you have more than enough to do so.” Steve followed T’Challa to one of the modern chairs and sat, surprised at the comfort the seat offered. ”“Things haven't changed, there are times, however, when he doesn't sleep alone.


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