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Losing interest dating

This might be a matter of short-term uncertainty while evaluating feelings and your future together. An infusion of excitement and freshness might bring sparks back. Emotional upheavals and dramatic scenes will confuse matters even more. Determine how long you are willing to put up with uncertainty. Choose not to feel as if you have done something wrong or that it’s up to you to “fix” the situation.

It’s up to you to pinpoint how long you’re willing to wait and see if the other person is really losing interest.

Women look for and need more in our relationships and interactions with others- at once, both a spiritual and emotional exchange.

In truth, it actually takes a whole lot and very little at the same time to keep a woman’s interest: friendship, mental stimulation, acknowledgement and creativity.

But now you’ve started to sense and pick up small clues that he or she is losing interest. You might want to show your partner that you’re losing interest too—just to make a point–but ploys are never healthy and never resolve anything.

Let’s go back to the basics: when there is no solid and ever evolving friendship present, ongoing mental stimulation, unsolicited acknowledgement and a general lack of creativity it becomes easy for a woman to become bored, detached and complacent.

And although the glossy grocery store magazines will try to tell us different, when a woman is truly wanting to level.

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