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Matt smith and alex kingston dating

tight.” And according to the Eleventh Doctor himself, she was also “Tales From The Tardis” reunion panel at New York Comic-Con on October 6 to answer some fan questions.And Matt Smith ended up answering way more than anyone expected.“It’s always awkward to choose between your wife and your girlfriend,” he reportedly said.Curiously Rory also got sent back in time by an Angel in a novel published last year; any readers of Touched by an Angel might be forgiven for feeling a touch a déjà vu.Karen Gillan gave a fine feistiness to Amy, certainly as much glamour as any companion in the past, and made her refreshingly different from previous ones to boot. The only person in the universe who can make a Dalek scream for mercy. The only person in the universe to show mercy to a Dalek. SMITH: No, not mobbed, but of course it changes the nature of things. It’s funny because we film for nine months of the year, and so you’re shooting and you’re in this little bubble. SMITH: Weirdly, no, but it feels like a dream to do it.It changes that bit of your life, but in a good way. You almost forget that it transmits to a lot of places in the world. It’s a wonderful part, and also a wonderful experience in my life.

But all that is in the future, The Angels Take Manhattan brought this mini-run of the series to a close with easily the best episode of the five: a powerful, taut, compelling, filmic, emotionally punchy affair which re-established the Angels as one of the standout monsters of the series and gave Amy Pond a fine send off.Amy and Rory’s scene on the top of Winter Quay, with the realisation that only suicide was a viable way out, were powerful stuff indeed, albeit possibly a just bit too strong for family viewing – I certainly don’t think it would ever have passed the Mary Whitehouse test.Moffat’s intricately plotted script showed his skill at addressing the age-old Doctor Who question of just how mutable time actually is, with the concept of River (as Melody Malone) writing a book to help get the Doctor to the scene being a very neat trick.Though you would have thought somebody else would have noticed it had moved.Indeed, save for the odd moment when first we meet River Song, the scenes in 1938 Manhattan were almost unrelentingly grim, with the idea that the Angels created a farm out of the unfortunate humans entangled in their temporal web being particularly horrifying. I love that it’s a family show, and I would love it to appeal to families in America – so that’s the plan.” He must have thought about how success in America would affect his life. “I’d hope it would be positive,” he says, “and I’d get offered really interesting filmic roles.” Is that where his ambitions lie? ” For the uninitiated – River may be the Doctor’s wife. (This sort of thing happens a lot on Doctor Who.) “Nicely done, Kingston,” Smith cheers. “We made significant inroads last year,” says Moffat, “but I would hope that we could make it much bigger this time around.” What does Smith reckon? “I’m fully behind trying to make that happen,” he says. In Britain, Doctor Who is the closest thing we have to The Simpsons, really, because you can watch it with a six year-old and they’ll laugh at the Doctor falling over, and you can watch it with a 40 year-old and they’ll laugh at the Doctor getting it all wrong with River. When episode one went out last year [Smith’s first episode as the Doctor], there was trepidation that people were going to just loathe it – but they didn’t, so we’re very grateful, very relieved, and now it’s about pushing on. The Doctor’s second trip to Thirties New York in recent years was one of the most noirish episodes there has been in the series’ history, and was a compelling end to Amy and Rory’s time in the Tardis.Steven Moffat pulled out the stops for Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill’s departure from Doctor Who, bringing back the Weeping Angels in probably their most sinister form yet – the striking sight of the Statue of Liberty changed into a malevolent Angel was one of those great Cybermen outside St Paul’s Cathedral moments (see 1968 Patrick Troughton adventure The Invasion).His “wife,” of course, is Kingston’s River, making his “girlfriend” Coleman’s Clara.And then Eleven/Clara shippers everywhere dropped dead.


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