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Many times in the heat of an argument one partner might throw out the “let’s end it now” card. At their most basic level, they involve setting your ego aside.

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They can encourage you to see if you are being unreasonable, and at what point it can be helpful to walk away.Can he identify what he is looking for in a relationship and why previous relationships ended, or does he reply with something vague and general such as “I just like to see where things will go” or “it just didn’t work out." Don’t feel like you are prying or being too inquisitive.To make a relationship work, you need a sense of the areas for growth. Coming to a common understanding of what makes you both tick or what went terribly in a previous relationship can help strengthen the current one.Then when it didn’t work out they’d feel badly…about themselves.No, not the guy who said all of these offensive things or treated a woman disrespectfully.Or does his story eventually end up being deflected back to you?Does he avoid talking about family, friends and the things that describe his background?It’s completely fair to ask if he sees long-term potential in the relationship, his view on commitment and marriage, and other “big picture” questions.It’s natural that the speed of relationships progress as a function of many factors, one of them being age. On average however, dating in the later 20s to early 30s tends to make it somewhat more socially acceptable to ask these more serious questions earlier on. If you think he’s not emotionally invested, there is a good chance he’s not.Of course the point is not to gossip about exes or fixate on past relationships.But having a sense of the road one came from can make the one ahead far less bumpy.


  1. INFJ Relationships. particularly in the early stages of dating. Even worse is if a suitor tries to resort to manipulation or lying.

  2. Dating Red Flags for Women. many of these same concerns can apply to same sex relationships. On average however, dating in the later 20s to.

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