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If this doesn’t make you want to clean up before bae slides through then I don't know what does. Parental Control Imagine this, your parents basically disliked your current significant other and scouted other potential so that you would dump the one you were with.

This is probably one of the best yet worst shows for those featured.

So much drama, but yet this was possibly one of MTV’s most memorable dating shows. Next This show was probably the most savage of them all.

They basically threw out the notion that you should never judge a book by its cover.

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Her main focus is mental health, social issues, digital design and of course the beauty of black girl magic.

In some cases they would look so much like them that you probably would have to do a double take. How would you feel if you had to pick your significant other based off of their parents? The synopsis of this show was that you would go on three dates with three different moms who would convince you to date their child.twist however, you have no clue what they look like. You and two other contestants would essentially get taken from your home (by MTV producers of course) without any time to clean up and organize anything.

From there you sit in the back of a production van watching your potential date raid your room and belongings finding God knows what.

This obviously scripted dating show featured an overly obsessed fan of a celebrity of their choice choosing from six contestants who resemble the celebrity. Date My Mom So by the title, I know you’re probably like, what?

The contestants would dress and perform like the celebrity in hopes to win a date with fan. This show was most likely the most comical of them all. Room Raiders Yes, the show is exactly what it sounds like.


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