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I created a table adapter using Express and dropped a form control on the page. I configured it to the table adapter and everything works fine, until I change data and click Update. Raise Post Back Event(Name Value Collection post Data) 170 System. I double checked the db and the row is indeed there. I removed SQL Express from my machine and reinstalled it, just in case. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Invalid Operation Exception: Could not find a property named '[Seo Title]' on the type specified by the Data Object Type Name property in Object Data Source ' Object Data Source1'. I have a field named [Seo Title] which claims is missing from the db; it doesn't see it. I've tried setting the fields to allow nulls and not to allow nulls. I'm in the dark, new to dot net, and really struggling. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Build Data Object(Type data Object Type, IDictionary input Parameters) 469 System. I have a gridview I want to populate with an Object Data Source.

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I'd like to blame in on C# idiocy (I'm a VB fan) but I'm sure there's a good explanation (bug?? Just for good measure, here's what I had to do to get the value from a dropdownlist control: Maybe I'm up against this?

Unfortunately I get the same problem also within the sample you offered: if you change some values in Edit Mode and press Update, the changes are not committed. Also in my case the Select procedure is entered successfully to populate the data of the Rad Grid but not the same for the Update and Delete procedures on my business object, even if using as parameters of these procedures the same name in the same order of the writable properties of the business object itself.

Instead of using the Rad Grid, by using the normal Grid View control with the same business object datasource the same Update procedure, this is entered successfully and the object really updated (truly speaking, the Delete procedure does not work also on the Grid View).

If it makes a difference, I'm using the Object Data Source.

My goal was to get the value of a checkbox control inside a List View This means you have to bind the control using code, which is pretty weird as well.


  1. The ObjectDataSourceStatusEventArgs class is. The following table lists the events and the associated EventArgs classes and event. ObjectDataSource. Updating.

  2. An example of how to use a GridView control with an ObjectDataSource and. Using GridView with Business Objects using Adaptors. and event handling to.

  3. Forum thread about Getting Error when updating 2 controls in. args, message, event, title. /telRadListViewaspObjectDataSource ID.

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