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→ Reply: I agre with you, that's why I stopped watching it. Knowing how weird people are I can definitely believe these scenarios are based in reality. The bravery of these people to explain their story is amazing and i was wrong to consider them stupid. This show is based in part on the documentary 'Paris Is Burning' which is a classic. I was hoping the Danish cop from series 1 and 2 would be kept in place. I have no respect for western media and deep state conglomerates in whatever form or venue any unsubstantiated accusations get played out in and through Hollywood that portrays facts not in evidence. this is a wicked show about awful people on a crappy production.I found it got worse a few yrs before the 8 yr mark and I noticded that many many times the best act was not the one that won. The main actor Ben Sinclair, who plays the pot dealer, is also one of the two directors, the other being Katja Blichfield. Worth a watch since it stars various trans actors, a rarity this day & age (usually cisgender actors are cast). Not a fan of Saga and hope she gets killed off, with hopefully Martin getting released and taking her place - he was right to kill Jens and should have received a bravery award for all his work on the 2 previous cases!! Such is the case all too often when it comes to Hollywood scenarios of western intelligence vetted military ops that strive to shift blame upon any foreign power, specifically in this case for Episode Two, regarding the Syrian regime. More like rebel troops from any number of rebel armed forces seeking the overthrow of Assad. Ive just binged this over last few days and I did enjoy it, its the usual someone teams up with a copper, but this time its not a star from a show, there is no 'will they wont they' (which annoys me) its a good partnership and i liked the psychology parts. Can't wait to dig in so outta here - cya later bye!! First season was exciting as all hell and had me at the edge of my seat every episode.Most suffer from mental illness and drug addictions which alone is heartbreaking but then to see them in this place and treated so horrible by people who are paid to do otherwise... I found it got worse a few yrs before the 8 yr mark and I noticded that many many times the best act was not the one that won. Its scripted, its over acted, its everything most people will hate.I don't know why your comment got down-voted, you were stating the truth. But I absolutely love all of the personalities in this show and thoroughly enjoy their hunts. Having watched all episodes and having seen very similar stuff before, i find myself asking...stupid are these people ? Only takes some thing to go wrong in your life and then be in the wrong place [in mind & body] at the wrong time and boom your in a cult and totally unaware. It gives a real viewpoint into the lives of trans, gay & straight people in the early '80s in the ball scene. I can't believe it took someone 4 years to make this. Of course still missing some information but still some scenes that totally floored me. I'm not a big fan of "film noir." Rita Hatworth IS a stunning woman, with a pair of legs 6 feet long, and a head of hair that would make an amazon happy. Maybe I'll tryt her in anothermovie, and see what I think. Gloria Swanson really brought this character to life!! I would give it 3/5 but only because I liked the main character.

it looks like she is sowly becoming the thing she hates the most a big patron.I'M NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SHOW ending at all but what can ya do.The weding was nice it sure took a long time for them to finally tie the not.Up and coming handsome star William Holden in a movie that would pretty much make his career. But now the occult part of the story is starting to properly get going, and I think I may just have a new must-watch show. No wonder people come out worse than they were before they went in. One HELL of a REALity-show 5/5 stars - HIGHly recommended must watch!I binged the first five, with something bothering me - for anyone else doing the same.. The majority of these inmates need rehabilitation and not this caged animal environment. → Reply: I agre with you, that's why I stopped watching it.Miz Caramel Vixen is an ebony fetish queen caters to over 70 fetishes. See her in Frilly uniforms, heels, nylons, corsets, bridal wear.small penis humiliation, fart fetish, facesitting, foot worship, strapon and more. Over 5000 pictures, fantasy area to add your stories, friends gallery and webpages and so much more FEMALE SUPREMACIST--You serve me, I take, I give nothing in return.Society is very critical of abnormalities physical and mentally.I remember a Twilight Zone episode where one young woman is different her family wanted to send her away and she ends up being the norm of human species at the end of said episode. is was a good ep but also verry emotional it was verry sad and it was creepy some parts specially the end i cant wait to see what will happen i wont wait i,m glad i saved a couple eps i mostly do that if i can to see the last eps in one watch like a long movie i wonder what will happen in the next part i go see now great ep and great show friends.... I think he was in a few others but his screen time was real short so it was pretty obvious when he was suddenly so involved on this episode that he was going to get a gruesome end the moment it cut to the his partner arriving to his house.i think this has a good conclusion of the cali cartel they all had there payback from government and other narcos they had a beef with,lol.i hope there will be another season like they said that mexico iis the real enemy,and i think they are wright but looking now in real time they did a bad job,lol.think about the sinaloa cartel el chapo he made it into the biggest drug ring in the world,and there will never be an ending of the drug trafficking everywhere as long as there is a demand of the stuff. Women hate them, envy them and imitate them in vain. They are whole, strong, untouchable and unforgettable. watch hottest female domination tube videos, including bondage, facesitting, strapon sex, verbal humiliation, cock and ball tortures, trampling, spanking, face sitting and erotic smothering tube movies Luxury escorts directory - Romanian escorts listings.We list on our website high class Bucharest escorts available in city center.


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