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Online dating advice email

Now that we know the rules, let’s look at three of sample emails that work: That picture of you with your camera definitely caught my attention. I assume you’ve taken one of those architecture boat cruises, right? Believe it or not, I think you’ve met your match – I have an addiction to photography, too. ) I generally do portraits, but I recently took some pictures in Napa, which was really fun. Especially in the first stages, when you’re just getting a sense for each other, it’s worth keeping things relatively brief.

Your mode of expression needs to be readily comprehensible.

“Dear Pauline - that’s unbelievable, I like white-water rafting too!

” An attention-grabbing way to start an email, certainly …

It’s a better idea to make the other person curious about you by supplying a few hints than to weigh him or her down with your life story. Certainly in the early stages of a correspondence, less can be more.

Wait for an answer to your last message before you send a new one - it’s a conversation you’re after, not a monologue.


  1. How important is it to write a good online dating first email. This advice may still be helpful for sites such as eHarmony or Chemistry.com, however these.

  2. May 28, 2013. In online dating, sending emails is key. Learn how. In online dating, writing a great profile is only half the battle. Want more dating advice?

  3. Dec 15, 2016. That first message when dating online - it can be nerve-wracking. While this advice holds true for both sexes, it is mostly directed at men.

  4. Jul 14, 2008. There's a fine line between underselling yourself and blowing your own trumpet when it comes to dating online. When trying to spark.

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