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Online dating profile consulting

I work with C-suite executives, high profile individuals, those new to dating as as well as shy individuals. If you are recently single, have changed your appearance, do not have any recent photos or are looking for help with online dating, and I will review your request.

I prioritize working with genuine, sincere individuals - those I would to introduce to friends, family and colleagues.

eye brightening, teeth whitening, facial shading, etc ? I don't recommend you use such photos nor hire such a photographer. Overly applying makeup will make it harder to create different looks in your photos because they will look the same vs being more subtle makes it easier to be more versatile.

Not everyone who comes through our door is necessarily looking to hire a matchmaker.

My goal is to improve the societal dating pool one person at a time.

I ask all potential clients to fill out a quick questionnaire to help me understand you as a person, evaluate your photos, social media presence and online dating profiles.A: I am not a personal shopper or stylist but I will help you decide between outfits for a shoot.Check out these Pinterest boards for inspiration on clothing, patterns and colors.I shoot outdoors and indoor public places with natural light.A photo-shoot might involve a cocktail bar, beer garden, hiking trail, park, coffee shop, street art murals, an event or more.From there, I will review your answers and profiles and provide complimentary analysis on app choice, photo selection, bio critique etc.If we decide to work together I will then use this information to plan a photoshoot that optimizes your hobbies, essence and style so that the photos come out looking natural, confident, happy, playful, authentic and candid - just like if your friend or family member took them.Half the time you will not know I am taking photos and if you are super shy, I have methods to be unassuming.I am not like other photographers that use bright flashes, big stands with umbrellas or makes people hold unnatural poses for long periods of time.A: I am one of the most resourceful, knowledgeable and discreet photographers around.I carefully select areas to accommodate not only schedules but also maintain comfort levels around clients.


  1. Sep 22, 2016. Alexandra Saunders is a professional online dating consultant for. In addition to profile-writing and photo selection, the team at.

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