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Online dating sites for people with disabilities

When I spilled the beans, he treated me like I was a fraud and compared the situation to being catfished.

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I often ran into that awkward moment when I’d “come out” after talking to a guy for a while, and they’d act like I had just conned them.

One memorable instance: My freshman year, when I matched with an NYU freshman who I chatted with online for a month—based on our messages, I felt there was a strong connection between us—before deciding to finally meet in person. In the days leading up to the date, I contemplated telling him about my disability.

After tossing and turning in bed for a few nights and playing out every scenario in my head involving his potential reaction to meeting me in a wheelchair, I convinced myself that I had to tell him.

There’s friendship, companionship, happiness and love out there for all of us, regardless of our imperfections.

In fact, it’s usually those imperfections that pave the way to true love.


  1. In addition to the countless general online dating sites that exist, there are currently over a dozen online dating sites designed specifically for disabled people.

  2. Online dating for people with disabilities is a hot topic, particularly in the UK. Furthermore, sites like DisabilityMatches provide plenty of guidance on the.

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