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Powerpoint embedded excel not updating

In order to simulate something for a customer, I want to embed a spreadsheet with various formulas on it, and then create a button in Power Point that can be clicked to open a User Form and update the fields to auto-update the spreadsheet and the simulation.I can get the spreadsheet it was copied from to update, but not the embedded spreadsheet.Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free.You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.Specific steps: Object method it goes a bit weird and refuses to adjust the size properly.The best way I have found is to highlight the area you are copying in Excel, right click on ppt slide and page embedded object - the icon looks like a little white box in the middle of the paste special options.The question was specifically around a 'live link' (meaning the Excel file exists externally to the Word doc, and controlling the view is a complex problem not solved by any of these answers).Answer: Using the Word Field Code parameters of LINK you can specify a named range as a Viewing Area.

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If the excel worksheet is in the "page layout" view (which is what i was using when copying the cells), it always led to extra columns shown when pasting or updating link in ppt.

All I want is a simple way to change figures in Power Point during slideshow mode without having to open another program or edit the slide directly.

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You must double click the embedded object to edit it in Word.

Cells that reflect what is currently displayed will be selected. Select elsewhere in the main document to stop editing in the embedded object.


  1. Automatically Updating Graphs in Word or PowerPoint. by Stephanie Evergreen Apr 13, 2016 Blog, Uncategorized 19 comments. I have so much money in the bank I’m going to give away my number one reporting time saving secret HAHAHAHAH not at all! I’m giving it away because I love you and I want to make your life easier. This is how you link Excel

  2. Changing bounds of excel file embedded in powerpoint. up vote 11 down vote favorite. 2. When I embed an excel files into powerpoint, I'm having two issues. On some of the spreadsheets, empty columns are displayed on the right hand side of the powerpoint slide; On other spreadsheets that are too large to fit, I can't adjust the

  3. The information from an Excel object that you embed in PowerPoint is also stored in a spreadsheet but not the source file. This means the infomation doesn’t change if you modify the source Excel file. Once embedded, the object is no longer part of the source file and won’t reflect any changes made.

  4. Once you have embedded a chart, be careful not to delete or move the original Excel file. If the location of either the PowerPoint presentation or the Excel file changes, you may have to embed the chart again in order for it to display correctly.

  5. I have a excel file in which 3 Powerpoint presentations are embeddedas object. These are the blank templates of the deck I want to prepare. How can I assign these embedded Powerpoint presentations

  6. Any updates in embedded Excel document are displayed on chart only after user manually opens 2in PowerPoint and selects "Edit Data" in chart context menu. Questions 1. What is the right way to programmatically update chart after updating

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