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Psychic soulmate psychic reader dating tips

We'll have a long and happy marriage and two or three children." How did this make her feel?

"Relaxed and very content."Stephanie Lindsay, 40, a floral designer from Louisville, Kentucky, is a bit more cynical, and took her recent future-plotting trip to a fortune teller with a spoonful of salt.

We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.” — Edgar Cayce Sometimes a psychic love reading is just what you need to clarify your feelings. It is the energy that connects us all at a soul level and elevates all of humanity.

A reading may also be enlightening to help you understand that it may be time to let go of a particular "love" relationship. Popular culture views this deep feeling of fondness and tenderness as a wonderful thing.

"His name is Richard, and he's a lawyer," she said excitedly.

"It would be great if it all came true — and I have relaxed since seeing her — but let's see," says Lindsay.

And they leave the psychic feeling fabulous, without the needy, scared look in their eyes that has hindered their love lives for so long.

There's something irresistibly indulgent about visiting a psychic: They talk about you. It's the ultimate ego-rub, almost like paying for psychotherapy without the drama, hard truths, and confrontations. "The main reason single women go to psychics is that they want to believe in something greater than themselves and their choices," says psychiatrist and relationship counselor Dr. "Many women feel that psychics offer insight into a life that may not be going the way they planned.

It's smarter to look to practical places, not the stars, for hope.

"Women need to understand that their lives are their own," says Beckham.


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