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Rashida jones on dating

The small town is a haven for outsiders, but when it's threatened by other outsiders, those who call Midnight, Texas, home must band together to form an unconventional family.

The series, based on novels by Charlaine Harris ( is a 10-episode miniseries that follows the citizens of a small town in Maine as it gets slowly engulfed by the threatening titular mist, cutting the residents off from the rest of the world and sending the local area into chaos.

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Wayans plays a guy named Marlon, a devoted if immature dad raising two kids with his ex-wife Angie.

Isaac Brown and Navia Robinson will play Raven's 11-year-old twins Booker and Nia.

Jason Maybuam will play Chelsea's 9-year-old son Levi. 's Charlie Rowe star as tech billionaire Darius Tanz and MIT grad student Liam Cole, respectively, who inform Pentagon official Grace Barrows (Jennifer Finnigan) that they just discovered an asteroid is six months away from hitting Earth.

Although they initially butt heads, the duo embarks on incredible adventures as they search for the world's greatest mysteries, like the location of the tomb of Alexander the Great. While the book chronicled the rise of such soon-to-be legends as Jay Leno, this series – from Jim Carrey and starring Melissa Leo, RJ Cyler and Michael Angarano – follows a group of unknowns as they struggle to make it big in Hollywood.

The show does a mostly good job of making the drama interesting and the comedic moments land, though its speed-reading of heavy social movements, including women's lib, and inevitably hokey 70s nostalgia can get grating.


  1. Women are turned on by all kinds of sex and that includes ‘animal sex, fantasies, gay sex and orgies’. Rashida Jones, 41, is starring in Netflix’s new show Hot.

  2. Delete this Genealogy of Khandi Alexander – Tillie Harrison was the daughter of Nicholas P. Harrison and Lenora Love, who were both born into.

  3. Welcome to Christ Anglican Church Devonshire, the little Bermuda Church with a big heart!

  4. Rashida Leah Jones born February 25, 1976 is an American actress. She is known for starring as Ann Perkins on the NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation, for which.

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