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Setting and updating of system components

that become online after the time period expires can still update components if you selected Let clients initiate component when they restart. Otherwise, they update components on the next schedule or if you initiate manual update.This chapter discusses the internal working of Configuration Manager.The product utilizes standards-based network protocols and object models for its internal working and interaction with client systems.Config Mgr components store and use data about Config Mgr infrastructure and activity, the environment, and managed systems in the site database.If you have not decided whether to extend the AD schema, you will want to review the “Schema Extensions” section of the chapter.

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However, you will find a basic understanding of the product architecture and knowledge of techniques for viewing the inner working of Config Mgr invaluable for troubleshooting purposes.

The two most important Windows components are AD and WMI.

The next sections look in depth at how Config Mgr uses these technologies.

Almost every project can be broken down into smaller, logical areas.

These 'building blocks' of a project are termed Components in Gemini.


  1. Configuring the hardware components, including setting their various operating modes and frequencies for example, selecting how the storage controllers are visible to the operating system, or overclocking the CPU Setting the system clock; Enabling or disabling system components; Selecting which devices are potential boot devices,

  2. To prevent Windows machines from updating to versions of Chrome beyond the number you specify, use the Target Version Prefix

  3. Group Policy Registry Table. Group Policy, a Windows 2000 administrative tool, determines how programs, network resources, and the operating system behave for users and computers in an organization.

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