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Sex dating in ozone arkansas

“rape kits”): STAR Central’s RESPECT (Rape Education Services by Peers Encouraging Conscious Thought) website has more information about how to seek medical care and what steps you can take.

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Both sexual assault and domestic violence are extreme forms of sexual harassment and are prohibited by Title IX.Report Domestic/Dating Violence Domestic and/or dating violence includes violence against a spouse, former spouse, partner or someone who has had a dating, romantic or intimate relationship.Violence includes assault, battery and anything that puts the victim in fear of bodily injury or death.Preservation of potential evidence does not mean that you have to pursue criminal charges, but it keeps that option open for you.Many assaults do not result in serious physical injury.In the state of Arkansas, you have up to 72 hours after the assault for forensic evidence collection.If you have changed clothes, place the clothes you were wearing during the assault - including underwear - in a paper (not plastic) bag.You can seek medical care at any time following an assault, but please be advised that in the state of Arkansas, forensic evidence exam and collection (a.k.a.“rape kit”) can only be done within 72 hours from the time of the incident.To report to the university: The U of A is committed to providing an environment for employees, students and campus visitors that is free from harassment or violence.Any student, faculty or staff member, applicant or visitor who has been the victim of sexual assault, sexual violence, sexual misconduct or domestic violence is encouraged to report it to our Title IX Coordinator: 479-575-7111 or [email protected]


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