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Sharepoint eventhandler itemupdating

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Go to this link to create a new Azure Application Insights application.

A form appears, fill in the details as follows: Click “Create” and wait.

Luckily there is a solution, and that is Azure Application Insights.

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So we’re not going to beat around the bush; the out-of-the-box analytics reports in Share Point Online just don’t offer enough information and control.As shown in the image below, firstly we’re going to add an event receiver, select the list to which the event handler needs to work , check the item added and item being updated (as we need to validate during edits as well). Now we will write our validation code in the event receiver. In this code we will check if the acronym exists in the other list, if yes, we will cancel the addition. Even this function will take care of the updating scenario duplicate validation.Next we’ll write the updating part of the code, as shown below.And this acronym data will be used in many places to accomplish many business requirements.In most cases, we can easily utilize the OOB concept to validate the uniqueness of the columns.The first requirement is obviously an active Azure subscription.Application Insights is free to try, see here for the complete pricing overview.This event receiver can now be reused for duplicate validation of any number of lists.Authored by: Alvin Ubiera is a Microsoft Share Point Technologist at the Houston-based business software provider, Rand Group and is a regular contributor to Dynamics 101.Double click in the Share Point project, and navigate to the permissions tab. To be able to debug remote event receivers, you’ll need to take some additional steps. Visual Studio will do its magic by creating an app package and upload it to Share Point.The manual on Tech Net is excellent, so I won’t repeat that in detail. Next, I’m going to reuse some code of the Core Event Receivers sample. The example code adds a remote event receiver to the host web in a newly created list, for the Item Added event. The first time I did this, I switched to another window, and was waiting and waiting for the add-in to deploy, but nothing seemed to happen.


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