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Truth be told, it is far easier to notice what these smart people don’t do, and arrive to a conclusion as to what is to be avoided.

As long as we circumvent these negative things, the rest will come naturally.

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Utilizing apps to reduce credit card processing fees, or choosing a big bank as your provider instead of your local town bank, is also a good decision.

In fact, it is surprising how many small details there are, warranting closer scrutiny.

These seemingly meaningless expenses can be easily avoided, and the amount of money you can save can amount to something rather significant.

The first question that merits an answer is what makes an individual smart: Is it the abundance of facts that one can memorize? Perhaps, it is the wisdom to make a sound decision at the crucial moment, or knowing how to make the best out of the bad situation?

Maybe it is the ability to take as many aspects as possible into consideration before deciding on the future course of action?


  1. There was a moment at a.m. on a Saturday night in February that led me to stop dating for 30 days and detox my love life. A text popped up across my.

  2. The Paperback of the A Smart Girl's Guide to Boys Surviving Crushes, Staying True to Yourself and Other Stuff by Nancy Holyoke, Bonnie Timmons at

  3. Attracting women takes more than a polo shirt and the right cologne, particularly if you're trying to attract intelligence. Confidence, poise and a sharp.

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