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Wanaka reality television stars Bex and Chris Wright are still keen to pursue their dream of becoming private chefs, but not as a couple.

Auckland University students Charlotte, 19, and Maddie, 20, spent the evening dining at Sophie and Teal’s pop-up restaurant Saigon Salon, happily situated across the table from handsome, 26-year-old best friends Jaryd and Ben.“We were sitting opposite Jaryd and Ben and it was like a double date,” a smitten Charlotte said.The planned challenges took advantage of the seafood and fresh produce uniquely available in this region.At the end of this week, only four teams will remain.We grew and learned so much more than you ever would by just cooking at home . English-born Chris Wright is continuing to work as a real estate agent.He previously worked in the finance, snow sports and building industries.For this series, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania each commenced with two teams, while New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia each had three teams (two original teams and one "gatecrasher" team) — After Lisa & Candice were eliminated, the total tally of the instant restaurant scores were shown and the three lowest scorers out of the remaining ten teams were Ali & Samuel, Lisa & Stefano and Dan & Steph.They competed in another instant restaurant round with the three gatecrasher teams."It was definitely not all in the kitchen," Bex Wright confirmed.When asked if they had ever cooked for such a judgmental group before, they just smiled politely."We don't get to see the critique so we will be a bit in the dark for that," Bex Wright explained.So far, we've done a 50th for some farmers and a 70th birthday, where Bex managed to blow away a pastry chef," he said.Bex Wright said she "would never say never" to a professional cooking career, if the opportunity arose."But together? Neither know the outcome of the series and both said it would be tricky to pick the winner of a 0,000 first prize.


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