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Stop updating gthtdjl

The user interface and documentation were originally written in English.

A translation may also be provided for information, but it has no legal validity.

If you wish to translate the Omega T website and/or the Beginner's Tutorial, please contact the Omega T Website Manager. Join the Omega T user group (also known as "Om T").

During the subscription process, you will have to send a short message to the group moderators: this is to enable them to distinguish genuine users from spammers.

In order to prevent two or more translators from working on the same language at the same time, it is therefore very important that you make an entry in the localization plan when you begin work on a translation. Although not essential, we recommend that you also join the Omega T localizers' mailing list (also known as "Om T-l10n"). The full package contains the user manual, the instant start manual, the user interface resource bundle and the readme file.

The minimal package contains the same files as the full package, except for the main user manual.


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