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The RS 4.0 does have high visibility but is a bit more elegant in terms of decals.A Bugatti Veyron with a prototype Tesla S in the background.9er Pics In response to prerunner1982 Your 85 c10 will only have an ALDL (Aseembly Line Data Link) connector if it was equiped with Californa emissions. I think it would be neat to have the later model suspension and rear end and power steering under one of those old trucks. 80,000 on the clock with new plugs wires cap and rotor. Your vin will indicate whether or not you have Californa emissions. emmiss, you should have a Check Enginer or Service Engine soon light that is on the outside of the insturment cluster between the speedometer and fuel guage. Glad I didn't.------------------Tom S.'89 Celebrity - Running again thanks to CT!!

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I did this and it has been running fine for well over a year now." In response to 77chevy Hey, I thought that looked familiar.

I guess my story of removing the ESC is now out there for everyone to see. ------------------Dan'86 C20 Scottsdale, 305-H w/all the smog controls removed, Weiand Action Plus non-egr intake, edelbrock 1406 carb, dual 2-1/4" exhaust w/Flowtech Afterburners, and all the factory HD options to make it run cool and ride rough In response to All be its another Dan! And MANY THANKS FOR THAT ARTICLE YOU SUPPLIED SWERVIN!


Thanks 9er In response to If you have a ESC instead of the computer,you don't have the ALDL connector. I thought the computers where fitted from 86.------------------Andr'84 Chevy C10 Silverado SWBHonda Nighthawk 450Suzuki Intruder 750"And I haven't saddled my pony yet" In response to ALDL connector is on all ESC and ECM equipped vehicles, ESC began in 1980 and the connector is located at bottom of dash under column area.

ESC box is underdash too, somewhere above tranny tunnel pan area up under there, silver box, smaller than an ECM box usually, cept in the b-body cars.------------------Randy, Lincoln, IL -'81 C-10 305 th350 2.73, minimal rust for IL! -'83 caprice, driver-'82 T/A, bad 305-'74 C-20 454 th400 3.73 cheyenne camper pickup, parting out-selling/trading large 12x5 pickup bed camper 0 ?


  1. Board of Liquidation. February 15, 2018 SWB Finance Committee meeting February 21, 2018 SWB consider adoption of preliminary resolution.

  2. Bang did come out with a revised SWB casting. There also seem to more listings from collectors that are liquidating their Porsche models.

  3. Chevrolet Message Forums offering FREE technical assistance for your restoration and repair. Model specific subject matter experts, classified ads and more.

  4. Fleetside bed for Sale. 1959 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside 5.3 LS BBW SWB. I’m Liquidating MyCollection Since I’m.

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