Timeline backdating

The backdating button is represented by a timeclock icon and is located at the very end of the toolbar to the right. On ticking the timeclock toolbar, the below popup will ask you to pick a date and time.

Health, Mood types of posts are entered using a seperate editor that spans across two-pages.

When you backdate a post, the post will be published immediately and appear in the past on your Page's Timeline.

You can also choose to hide the post from News Feed.

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I got an exemplary performance review in the spring, but my boss still hasn’t submitted the revised description to HR.

Shortly after my year anniversary came around, I set up a meeting to discuss the promotion and we started rewriting my job description, etc.

My boss’s boss okayed the promotion, and she got verbal approval from HR.

Note: There is also another related feature in Dyrii called 'Life Milestone', that is specially designed for backdating your memorable life events from the past such as birth, schooling, marriage events etc.

Please check the Life Milestones section of this user guide for more information for this feature.


  1. Feb 18, 2012. How To Create a Facebook Page For Your Business Timeline Facebook. Create Facebook App, Timeline Page and Add App To Page.

  2. There's no way to backdate feed posts on user timelines - this feature only exists for Pages or for Open Graph publishing.

  3. Nov 15, 2011. Timeline is about life events, such as "overcoming illnesses" and "new relationships," which have to be added manually—so the ability to edit.

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