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Tyler perry and taraji henson dating

We learn how in college (when she’s played by Ajiona Alexus), Melinda met Robert (Antonio Madison, and later Lyriq Bent), a handsome chemical-engineering student who seduced her to the strains of Nina Simone. After catching him with another woman, Melinda rams her car into his mobile home, knocking it over — an accident that also injures her and results in a hysterectomy. Melinda marries Robert anyway, and he continues to drain the money she inherited from her mother. Perry tracks the major expenses in onscreen text, and puts synonyms for the movie’s principal themes (“acrimony,” of course, as well as “deranged” and “inexorable”) in title cards. Already ungainly in its mix of social realism and parable — Melinda undergoes a series of overwrought, essentially biblical trials in a city vaguely identified as present-day Pittsburgh — “Acrimony” truly gets muddled once it starts making excuses for its excuse-making antagonist. And the less said about the yacht-based climax, featuring some of the least convincing ship-jumping ever filmed, the better. Henson does what she can with a role that keeps her anger at a low simmer until requiring her to go full banshee within basically one scene.A partisan narrator but probably not an unreliable one, Melinda is somehow able to present flashbacks to moments that she didn’t see. You can’t accuse her or “Acrimony” of being boring, but the film falls short of a design for living.Perry, Henson & Bent take the BUILD stage to discuss the film.TARAJI'S WHITE HOT HOLIDAYS: Pictured L-R: Taraji P. In the exclusive images above and below, Henson and Perry appear in a sketch together, with Perry playing his signature character Madea.

Production on “Empire” Season 2 is underway and new episodes will begin premiering this fall.

Although their tempestuous on-and-off again romance on “Empire” is perhaps the steamiest relationship on TV, don’t expect the real-life counterparts of Cookie and Lucious Lyon to fall in love anytime soon on the Season 2 set. Henson explains it, she’s just not that into her co-stars.

In a new interview with Allure magazine, the “Empire” matriarch gets candid about her love life and reveals why fans won’t see her arm-in-arm with a familiar face.

For Cookie and Lucious shippers, there wasn’t much hope that Henson and her co-star Terrence Howard would become a real couple outside the show.

Henson shot down those possibilities with a healthy dose of logic.


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