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Updating data from one table to another

In turn, those design principles affect how you enter data.Remember these facts about database objects and design as you proceed. Microsoft Office Access 2007 provides a number of tools for updating existing records, including datasheets, forms, queries, find-and-replace, and the new Data Collection feature.As you proceed, remember that updating data is not the same process as entering new data.Here are the steps to create an update query that updates values across tables: database.Note that most of the purchase prices are null (see Figure 1-15).The following table lists the data types that Office Access 2007 provides and describes how they affect data entry.Text fields accept either text or numeric characters, including delimited lists of items.

For example, suppose you specify the Number data type for a field because you need to calculate sales figures.

Open tbl Albums Updated, and you’ll see that many of the purchase prices for the same albums have been entered (see Figure 1-16).

Now run the qry Update Album Prices query found in the same database (see Figure 1-17).

Drag these additional fields to the query grid and specify criteria for them.

As long as you leave the Update To row blank for these columns, they will be used for their criteria only and will not be updated.


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