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These are indeed pop up forms not sub forms - how do I populate the primary key in all the appropriate popup forms without the end user adding it to every record? I tried adding a button (with run-query) to the main form to run the query behind the subform, it opens up the query correctly, i.e.all the data correctly selected for the two selections in the comboboxes.Greetings all, I am developing a db to track beneficiaries of a small government program and have designed a form to input data into several tables: Apply, which is basically tracks processing and links to an Applicant (1 to 1) and Beneficiary (M to 1) table Beneficiary, which holds information on the recipient and links to Apply and a linking table with Representative (M to M otherwise)Relationship, linking table between Representative and Beneficiary Representative.I am using the Beneficiary as the Main Form, Apply as a subform, inheriting the Benficiary ID.Likewise, I added two subforms for Relationship, one in the Representative subform to inherit the Rep ID and one in Beneficiary to inherit the Ben ID; for this, the Rep ID and Ben ID gets updated in Base, but not My SQL.As a workaround, I tried adding a listbox here for both Rep ID and Ben ID in a subform of Relationship under the Representative subform , but it doesn't update the list to the current beneficiary, only up to the one before, which saved in My SQL. I prefer to use formatted fields where the ID appears for the controls.Not only that, but there are up to 30 of these subforms that will require date info input by the end user - I'd like to append to this other table just once.Then when the end user needs to update the task date info, all of it will be populated based on the primary key )autonumber)..ideas?I have created all my separate sub forms and main form for data entry, the problem I'm having is I want the form and part of the subform to open in data entry, but what do I need to do to ensure the primary key (autonumber) is assigned to all the tasks and dates?I want the end user to supply some basic information and based on that will open a subform that contains all the tasks they need to to and the only information the end user supplies are the dates the tasks will be completed.


  1. MS Access table subform refresh. Ask Question. up vote 1 down vote favorite. Microsoft Access 2010 lag in continuous form header subforms. 1.

  2. Hello all, I am working my way through setting up base by using a main form along with subforms.on the same 'page'. Can someone tell me how a save or update.

  3. Subforms in Access provide a powerful way to easily see one-to-many relationships without writing code, using the LinkMasterFields and LinkChildFields properties. This is often seen when viewing a form with a recordsource, and using a subform to show the related records in a subform.

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