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Cathy whetted my appetite for anthropological linguistics and accepted my first undergraduate paper on English-based pidgins/creoles. Speakers proficient in English may add to this basic system as follows: 4 S/7 = /J/ cfo = /tf/(or/ts/) y = /d 3 / (or/dz/) Tense vs. Sapos yu givim ol guds na seves pas- taim long 11* DISEMBA 2009, yu bai ol bairn yu long 2009 year Toksave ken olsem Gavman bai bairn tasol ol opisol ILPOC na ino ol narapela kain kleim. Authorised by; GABRIEL YER SECRETARY BILONG FAINENS I NO KEN SIMUK - LARIM SQKffi MASt S NA BEHS1M Mt ASt S IWSAt T L0II0 SOWS 59 Grammar 5.0 Linking clauses: Coordination, subordination and imbedding Tok Pisin clauses can be linked into compound and complex sentences through rather straightforward processes of coordination and subordination. ' *A few speakers who are strongly influenced by English are now occasionally using bat for the coordinate conjunction tasol. Imbed one clause into another using the strategies introduced in section 5.3 above. ol yangpela meri 'young/unmarried women' ol yangpela ol meri 'young/unmarried women' yangpela ol meri 'young/unmarried women' 6.2.5 Adjective strings Adjective strings are (theoretically) possible, particularly in English-influenced written Tok Pisin: Mi bin lukim draipela , strongpela pukpuk. ' But in spoken styles it is more common to avoid them by using a relative clause construction: Mi bin lukim strongpela pukpuk i draipela . ' 6.2.6 Qualification of adjectives and adverbs Adjectives and adverbs that stand in the predicate can be qualified by words such as liklik 'rather, a little', tumas Very, too much', tru 'true(ly)', mo(a) 'more', mo(a) yet 'extremely' and olgeta 'entirely'. Mekim wanpela hap eria long solwara blong kisim ol sel o go painim pis long em. William at the Parataxonomist Training Center in Madang. John Dademo Waiko, A Short History of Papua New Guinea (Melbourne: OUP, 1993) is a brief history of the country written by a Papua New Guinean.

George encouraged my interest in pidgins/creoles by arranging for me to meet his former Ohio University colleague Gilbert Schneider, whose work on Cameroon Pidgin English has stood the test of time. Imbedding allows the inclusion of relative clauses within a main clause. 5.2 Subordination The following is a list of the most important Tok Pisin subordinate conjunctions. The qualifier word is placed after the adjective or adverb: Bilum i hevi liklik . Tambuim pasin bombom long solwara, noken kilim ol liklik pis na painim ol sel long arere long pies, tambuim ol kampani blong autsait long kam kisim timba, gol, kopa o mekim narapela ol samting we em i ken bringim bikpela bagarap long enviromen blong yumi. Bilong wanem environmen i bikpela samting [Important]? The following vocabulary may be helpful: arere 'next to; edge' lus tingting long 'forget about' RIP EM WANPELA BIKPELA SAMTING TRU WE I GIVIM BIK NEM LONG YUMI OLSEM. Wanem samting i givim biknem long kantri bilong yumi? The film is subtitled in English, so there are no comprehension questions. For keeping up with current news, Papua New Guniea's two daily newspapers, The Post Courier and The National, publish free internet editions.

Although each of the readings includes a glossary listing some of the words which may pose problems, you may wish to consult a dictionary as well. Longpela man i raitim nem bilong en long han sut (~ raithan) o long han kais (~ lephan)? One feature that distinguishes PNG English from the other Englishes of the Pacific is a host of borrowings from Tok Pisin. Since Tok Pisin began as— and remains for most of its speakers— a second language, it is not surprising that code switching into the mother tongue occurs (or that the names of some local species of plants and animals may be missing from Tok Pisin). Anyway, that's our toksave and once again, Happy Studying, folks!

This book, with its accompanying CDs, is still the standard textbook of Tok Pisin for speakers of English. vii To conclude this introduction, it is my pleasant duty to acknowledge copyright holders. soim 'show (it)' /so.im/ not /soim/, baim 'buy (it)' /bai.im/ not /baim/). 6.1.3 Definite nouns For specific reference, dispela 'this/that/these/those' (pronounced /disla/ - /desla/ or/sla/ in casual speech) is used before a noun, dispela kar (hia) 'this car (here)' dispela kar (long hap) 'that car (over there)' [long hap is /lo (h)ap/ or /lap/ in rapid speech] 78 dispela ol kar* 'these/those cars' *ol dispela kar and ol dispela ol kar are also possible, though less common. A few words which would seem from the point of view of English grammar to be logical candidates for V status appear to fall into some other V class in Tok Pisin since there is no related true Adj (e.g. 'Sugar is extremely sweet ' 81 When pre-nominal attributive adjectives are qualified, the qualifier follows the noun: Ol Buka i blakpela man try. ..it is the truth...." While listening to the interview, try to find the answers to these questions: 1 . • Bai ol patisipen i ken save long sampela rot long stretim bek environmen blong Bogenvil. HAP 4: RIPOT BEK Bihain long diskasin wanwan grup i makim wanpela man long toktok long wanem samting ol i bin toktok long em long ol grup bilong ol. The two systems are brought together below, where a few other useful words related to time are given as well. While early anthropologists focused on "primitive cultures", today the bulk of research has shifted to the effects of modernization.

Although Tok Pisin began to develop only in the last half of the 19 th century, by 2003 Kenneth Sumbuk, Professor of Linguistics and Executive Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Papua New Guinea, estimated that Tok Pisin was already being used by about 89% of the entire nation's population of (at that time) around 4.5 million (though today the population is closer to 6 million) and served as the primary language for about half of its speakers, thus making Tok Pisin the most widely used of the 750 or so languages spoken in the country — including English, the language of education and government. focuses on developing the skills of reading and listening, though writing and speaking skills are not entirely ignored.

is a collection of print and internet (mostly You Tube) materials chosen to introduce the user— in the shortest possible time— to the Tok Pisin language of Papua New Guinea as it is used today (and to a lesser extent to the cultures in which the language flourishes) through working with written and oral texts.

Unit 1 introduces the standard (to the extent that there is a standard) pronunciation and writing system of Tok Pisin. v=Fk1 V_02b TY4 and watch the music video Sanap (Civil pawa) made by a group of civil engineering students at Unitech, the University of Technology in Lae.

Understanding Tok Pisin in a Hurry James Haines ii \ iii Introduction / Tok i go pas v Unit 1 A Rotokas myth 1 Orthography and Pronunciation 3 Subject/Object Pronouns 4 Question words (Interrogative pronouns) 5 Unit 2 Biblical Tok Pisin 9 Descriptive clauses 1 3 Question tags 14 Answering yes/no questions 1 5 Existential clauses 15 Imperative mood 16 The (non-existent) passive voice 1 7 Minor and elliptical clauses 1 7 Unit 3 Taim bilong ol tumbuna 23 Adjectival verbs 25 Intransitive verbs 25 Transitive verbs 26 Relation between intransitive/adjectival and transitive verbs 27 Copular verbs 27 Serial verbs 28 Adverbs 28 Unit 4 01 tewel, masalai, mania samting 35 Tense-Mood-Aspect (TMA) Markers 37 Modal verbs 40 Units Government and NGO publications 47 Coordination 59 Subordination 59 Clause imbedding 61 Relative clauses 61 Indefinite pronouns 62 Unit 6 Newspaper language 67 Nouns 77 Adjectives 79 Prepositions 81 Unit 7 Tok Pisin bilong ol grasrut 87 Numbers 101 In situ hig hlig hters 1 02 Word order focusing devices 1 02 Relative clauses and focus 103 Episode shift markers 1 04 Appendix: Taking it further 109 iv V Introduction / Tok i go pas Hariap! In addition, Tok Pisin is as least as mutually intelligible with its sister Neo-Melanesian pidgin/creoles— Solomon Islands Pijin and Vanuatu Bislama — as are the various regional forms of Norwegian and Swedish with each other. With this goal in mind, the materials have been arranged in order to introduce early on those aspects of Tok Pisin grammar which may prove most challenging for fluent speakers of English who want to understand, rather than produce, Tok Pisin texts.


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