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While many rappers continue to disregard racial injustice, Wale offers valid insight in a listenable manner.As we reach mid-way, we get "The Middle Finger," which is all about self-doubt. The MMG rapper doubts his place in the rap industry by saying, “Wanted to quit, rap music sucks/But couldn't run a 4.2, so with you I'm stuck.” He doubts his ability to comment on social issues ("Preachin' and geekin', I kinda think that I'm Malcolm X"), and gets honest about his inner demons.If there’s one thing you can’t knock Wale for, it’s his volume of output.

His alternative hip hop style has come a long way in the time since; he’s inked a deal with Rick Ross, had a #2 album with Ambition, and a #1 album with The Gifted.

In my ensuing conversation with Kip, I was heartbroken when I learned the real truth that the Mc Keans had never given such approval.

Later, other groups such as Shuwa-Arabs, the Tuaregs, and the Fulanis, who are concentrated in the far north, entered northern Nigeria in migratory waves across the Sahara Desert.

He’s also been able to balance gangster tracks ("600 Benz") with cuts for the hip hop die-hards ("Running Rebels") and something for the ladies ("That Way"), even on the same album (those all come from Self Made Vol. He also just released the Festivus mixtape back in December to hype up the release of this one.

There's no denying he's on a mission for credibility, consistency, and fans. With The Album About Nothing, Wale seems to be trying a little less hard to make one for the thugs, one for the hip hop heads, one for the club, one for the backpackers, etc.


  1. Apr 7, 2015. Wale delivers what fans expect on 'The Album About Nothing,' returning to. On "The Matrimony," Wale rhymes about his relationship with Solange, and. Drake Bailed On A Date With Tiffany Haddish & It Cost Her $100,000.

  2. Sep 3, 2009. Close Twitter fans/friends Solange and Wale were seen enjoying the great weather together at. I would be “dating” alot of people at once.

  3. In Wale dating solange knowles, books may also cooperation a memorial and saying emotive to Sir Abubakari Balewa, the first Greater Minister of Superior, who.

  4. Mark Daniel Ronson born 4 September 1975 is an English musician, DJ, singer, songwriter. In June 2007, Ronson signed DC hip hop artist Wale to Allido Records. In 2002, Ronson began dating actress-singer Rashida Jones. 2008 Wale – The Mixtape About Nothing; 2008 Solange Knowles – Sol-Angel and the.

  5. Feb 12, 2014. Solange, "F—- The Industry Remix feat. Wale". Nas, "Made You. for it and your boyfriend stood up and your mom stood up and I think your.

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