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Washington post dating recession

You’re either a man seeking women, or a woman seeking men.

You can, however, specify a romantic interest in “military men/women” regardless of your gender.

But try to register and the first thing you’re asked is whether you’re a “Straight Man” or “Straight Woman.” Gay people (let alone bisexual, transgender or queer) simply don’t exist in the menus.

“The couple’s history was not revealed to us in anyway beforehand or while the photo was live on the site,” Trump.dating spokesman Sean Mc Grossler wrote in a statement. The site’s founder and owner, as declared in its Feb.

He’s even embraced them on occasion – giving a shout out to the “LGBTQ community” in his Republican National Convention speech, for example.

But being gay is simply not an option on Trump.dating, which is not the only conservative matchmaking site to exclude non-straights.

Like, what are we to make of kyschyanne, a 21-year-old user from Garland, Texas, who’s bio line is “white power?

” To be fair, the site’s user base may be distorted by all the attention it’s received as a result of Riddleberger’s criminal history.


  1. Trump dating site used sex offender as a. Washington Post. Trump.dating is an odd. middle-aged couple who can also be found advertising gum recession.

  2. Dating Follow us News › Long. Venezuela descended into a deep recession in 2014. Washington Post.

  3. In economics, a recession is a business cycle contraction which results in a general slowdown in economic activity. Macroeconomic indicators such as GDP gross.

  4. Trump.dating is an odd site, and not. aged couple who can also be found advertising gum recession. to questions from The Washington Post about whether he is.

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