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Whm nameserver ips not updating

The nameserver could then hand off your request to the 207.64.nameserver.That server might in turn hand off the query to the 129.207.64.nameserver, which would finally give you your name.Resolvers could continue to use your old name servers until the TTL on the old NS records expire.There can be several reasons as to why your website is not yet displaying.For your domain name to be available over the Internet, you must have a zone file registered with at least two nameservers: a Primary/Master nameserver and a Secondary/Slave nameserver (or backup nameserver). That is, you can also find the host name of a machine based on its IP address.You can typically use nameservers provided by either your registrar or your host. For historical reasons, the way this is done is to create a dummy top-level domain (similar to or .net) called .Now that you have the list of Cloud DNS name servers hosting your managed zone, update the NS records for your domain with your registrar.You will typically provide at least two Cloud DNS name servers to the registrar.

Your computer then contacts that second name server, and repeats the process until it reaches the nameserver that actually has the zone file for the domain.This article is a technical introduction to DNS and nameservers, with a focus on how they work in the context of web hosting. DNS is the mechanism that translates Internet domain names, such as example.com, into IP addresses, such as .238.When you want to visit a website, you will typically type in something like and then expect to see some content in your browser.Domains have top-level domains like .com, and IP addresses have subnets.For example, the IP address is part of the 64.207 subnet.You will need to determine the name servers that have been associated with your managed zone.Different managed zones will have different name servers.DNS uses many different nameservers in a hierarchical structure, so that DNS queries are executed efficiently.At the top are 13 special DNS nameservers called root nameservers.The first part of the answer is that the network layer of the Internet uses one or more IP addresses to identify each server. DNS allows domain names to be mapped to those IP addresses, so that when a certain domain name is requested, the right IP address is found, and the right server is queried for the website content.DNS is handled by special servers called nameservers, or Servers of Authority. The zone file lists the IP addresses that each domain uses for basic web requests, subdomains, email traffic, etc.


  1. Now that you have the list of Cloud DNS name servers hosting your managed zone, update the NS records for your domain with your registrar. You will typically.

  2. Aug 13, 2003. BTW, this is not a "Cpanel" problem, this is your basic DNS mis-configuration. /etc/hosts and WHM updated to use the new Ip as the base ip

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