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Youtube popular videos not updating

Digital technologies have created an explosion of video communications.

People now have high-definition (HD) video cameras in their smartphones and can upload and share videos on social websites.

Google wasn't happy with the app — it specifically cited the ability to download video, the lack of ads, and playback of restricted video — and requested that Microsoft remove the app by May 22nd.

Microsoft responded, noting it was "more than happy to include advertising," but that it needed access to the necessary APIs in order to do so.

In the past, Microsoft has launched public campaigns directly against Google: there's Gmail man, newspaper ads, Scroogled, and even an anti-Google Apps "Googlighting" campaign.

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On Chrome, click the flashing “down” icon in the top right corner of your browser to select any video from the page you’re on to download.

Once you have the free application, double-clicking on the thumbnail in the Real Player Cloud Library opens the Now Playing window and plays the video in its native format and resolution.

The “mp4” format identification is shown in the bottom right of the control bar.

Get more details about the clip by right-clicking on the thumbnail and selecting “Clip Info/Edit Clip Info.” It confirms the title, MP4 format, file size, quality (as Kbps), audio channels, screen dimensions, source, and where the file is stored. Although many social sites accept and encourage people to upload videos in the MP4 format, ultimately it’s at the discretion of the website.

Flash (FLV) is still widely used on all types of sites. Download Real Player then you can watch your videos them on your phone, tablet, and even your TV with Real Times.


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