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The dark-themed user interface is sharp, colors are bright, and for everything right down to web browsing it's a solid little display. There's built-in Wi-Fi and a web browser on the Zune HD, though trying to load a current day website is an exercise in wasting your time.The Windows Phone Metro UI that so many loved, and some still do to this day, has roots in the Zune.var microsoft = microsoft

This was the very first time I'd ever touched a Zune, and there's no denying the quality.The Zune entertainment software platform and supporting products designed and marketed by Microsoft include Zune Marketplace Software, the Zune Social, Windows 7 Media Center (Podcasts only) and Xbox 360 (TV & Movies).Zune Marketplace Software offers music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and music videos.Sure, Apple pushed multitouch from the launch of the i Phone, but you stil had to tap and tap and tap to do everything.The Zune just flows, and of course, the rest is history.When you consider that for most of us our smartphones have become our media players, many are still sold with only 16GB of internal storage for .The music player is a lot like the one that came on Windows Phone after it. It is unique, and stylish, but function is front and center. (I still like listening to my local radio stations.) The i Pod and its creator, Apple, were the undoubted winner of this war.The Zune Social is a service integrated with Xbox Live that allows users to manage friends, send messages, and compare music.Each user has a personal Zune Tag, which corresponds with his Xbox Live Gamer Tag if he has one.Apple is still winning to this day, and I've contributed enough of my own cash to that end in the past. It's too late for it to matter now, but even today this little music box is a tremendous device and a much earlier example of Microsoft's strength in design.It may be a lot of years too late, but by picking up a cheap, refurbished Zune HD it didn't take long for me to realize that I was wrong. Portable music players are mostly pushed out now by smartphones, but I'm going to keep using the Zune HD.


  1. How to Update your Zune or Zune HD Firmware without Microsoft Servers. Songs 2017 Geet MP3. when syncing or updating.

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